A | Tsurumi Stuffing Box – absolutely watertight

The stuffing box is located at the cable entry section and takes the part of sealing off water. As the cable conductors consist of twisted wires, water may penetrate into the motor by the capillary phenomenon when cable sheath or insulation is damaged or when the end of the cable is submerged. The construction is such that a certain part of the insulation of each conductor is peeled and filled with rubber or epoxy resin for the complete sealing.

B | Built-in motor protection

Located directly above the motor windings, a snap-action self-resetting bi-metal device cuts off voltage from all three phase windings simultaneously if the current is too large in one, two or all three windings, or if the windings get too hot.

Tsurumi enables measurement of winding resistance and insulation from the far end of the cable, without ever removing the cover from the motor in the field.

C | Ball bearings of highest quality

Due to the high quality of the shaft and the bear rings all pumps can be run horizontally when entirely submerged.

D | Double mechanical SiC seal in oil bath

All Tsurumi pumps dispose of a double mechanical seal for increased durability:
The double inside mechanical seals of all our sewage pumps have sealing rings of Silicon Carbide, no other material has greater hardness. Resistance to temperature fluctuation and corrosion is also the best available.

E | Oil Lifter

A special guide vane is attached inside the oil chamber. With the motor rotation oil is pumped up. Therefore even at low oil level lubrication and cooling of the mechanical seal is secured.

F | Impeller

A variety of types are available, depending on applications, i.e. open type, closed type, non-clog type and vortex type.