Multi-Disc Screw-Press Dehydrators

Treating Capacity(kg-DS/h)3 – 216

The MDQ / MDC-series is an organic sludge dehydrator in which the feature of multi-disc dehydrator is added on the principle of the screw press dehydrator. The cylinder screen, that incorporates the screw shaft, is comprised of a large number of fixed discs and movable discs that are placed alternately. Since only the movable discs move by contacting the outer periphery of the rotating screw, it has made the dehydrator immune to clogging.

This dehydrator can be, in addition to the use for excess sludge generated from various types of wastewater treatment methods, used for low concentration sludge (about 0.5%) and also for oily sludge or DAF froth (mixing with excess sludge). It saves energy as it is operated by small-sized motors. Moreover, the dehydrator does not produce noise and vibration problems, since the screw shaft rotates in a very low speed.

Model Selection
Screw ShaftLengthWidthHeight
MDQ-1013 – 60.6φ100×118009001800
MDQ-1026 – 120.7φ100×218009001800
MDQ-1039 – 181.0φ100×3185011001800
MDQ-10412 – 241.25φ100×4210015002050
MDQ-10515 – 301.35φ100×5210015002050
MDQ-2019 – 181.05φ200×1265012002050
MDQ-20218 – 361.25φ200×2265012002050
MDQ-20327 – 541.8φ200×3265015002050
MDQ-20436 – 722.35φ200×4280021002050
MDQ-20545 – 902.9φ200×5280021002050
MDC-35136 – 720.95φ350×1377011402005
MDC-35272 – 1441.85φ350×2393014602030
MDC-353108 – 2163.15φ350×3422018102200

・The treating capacity will vary depending on the characteristics and concentration of sludge.

・Applicable sludge must be organic and have an ignition loss (VTS = Volatile Total Solids) of more than 60% and a concentration (TS) of 0.5 to 2.0%.

・The motor output means the total motor output of the MDQ/MDC dehydrator that includes the dehydrator main unit, but does not cover motor output of the sludge conveying/feed pump, chemical feed equipment, etc.