Compost Yard Case Study

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Application: Compost Yard, CZ Series, Mushroom Farm


Located in a composting yard sump, the site had been utilising a 7.5kw vertical wet well pump which really struggled to keep up with the volume of straw, resulting in regular pump repairs and long shutdown times.

The compost yard area is bituminized to recycle the water which runs to a 4m deep pit which is then pumped through a washing screen then back to the storage dams. From there they mix the recycled water with new bore water which is used on the compost mixing line.

Tsurumi pump CZ series

Tsurumi's Approach

This site needed a more reliable cutter pump option, like the Tsurumi CZ. The CZ series is a cast iron (FC250) smashing cutter pump specifically designed to pump sewage and wastewater containing various solid waste including fibrous material.

The unique design is a heart shaped suction cover equipped with a sharp-edged stationary blade, along with an improved semi-open channel impeller having two sharp-edged vanes incorporates a scissor like mechanism. This remarkably enhances the solid handling capabilities and prevents clogging through crushing and shredding of solid objects. In addition, the extended rotating guide of the impeller prevents the retention of solid waste at the central part of the impeller, thereby providing a smooth pumping operation.  

Tsurumi pump CZ series

Results & Benefits

In this particular application the duty was varying but Tsurumi was able to select a 2.2kw pump that provided the necessary power and performance required. This was a big saving upfront for the pump but also cut down on electrical running costs over time.

The pump was installed on a guide rail system so that the pump can be lifted up and down the sump without damaging it and making it easier to maintain. Overall it meant:

Tsurumi pump CZ series


Tough applications require tough pumping equipment. Thanks to Tsurumi’s unique approach to pumping, this innovative impeller design was able to eliminate a re-occurring problem for our loyal customer. To learn more about the CZ series, click here