Warranty Statement & Procedure

Date Document Created: 2019

Date Document Updated: 11/10/2022

Document Reference: TAD-B03


Tsurumi Australia Pty Ltd (“TSURUMI”) warrants that all Goods (pump or product) will, from the date of shipment, be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year provided that:

  1. TSURUMI is notified, by email, immediately upon discovery of such defect, which notice shall contain a detailed description of the defect;
  2. The Goods are returned to TSURUMI’s head office (unless otherwise advised by TSURUMI), freight prepaid by the purchaser (including transport insurance costs);
  3. TSURUMI, acting reasonably, is satisfied upon examination that the claimed defect exists and was not caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, improper use, improper repair, improper testing, lightning, power surges, fire, flood or earthquake or any other cause not attributable to TSURUMI; and
  4. TSURUMI will, at its discretion, have a reasonable time within which to make repairs, to replace the Goods found to be defective, or to credit the Applicant’s account.

If any Goods returned to TSURUMI are found to be defective by reason of a cause attributable to TSURUMI, TSURUMI will refund or apply a credit to the Applicant’s account for the reasonable freight charges incurred by the Applicant in returning the Goods. TSURUMI will return Goods repaired or replaced under warranty with freight prepaid to the Applicant.

TSURUMI’s sole obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace at TSURUMI’s option, with new or re-manufactured parts, any part(s) that fail or that are found to be defective during the warranty period.

This warranty does not cover any TSURUMI product:

  • Where damage due to ordinary wear and tear
  • Failures due to mechanical damage to wearing parts such as impeller, pump housing, mechanical seal
  • Use of the Goods for applications for which they are not intended
  • Modifications, alterations or repair of the product undertaken by the Purchaser or a third party (not acting on behalf of TSURUMI)
  • Failure to follow TSURUMI’s instructions (whether oral or in writing)
  • Installation, commissioning, operation (eg. use of the product outside its specifications) or maintenance not in accordance with TSURUMI’s installation, operation, maintenance or service manual
  • Use of faulty or inadequate ancillary equipment in conjunction with the product
  • Accidental or wilful damage or misuse of the product by Purchaser or third party (not acting on behalf of TSURUMI)
  • That has been disassembled without prior approval from TSURUMI
  • Product that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, misapplication, accident or act of God

TSURUMI assumes no responsibility for compliance with any regulations, codes, standards, or ordinances applicable to the installation, location, operation or maintenance of its Goods.

No other warranty, expressed or implied, is authorized by, or applicable to, the seller. No person, agent or dealer is authorized to enlarge upon this warranty.

TSURUMI expressly disclaims liability for consequential or incidental damages or breach of expressed or implied warranty; and any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability shall be limited to the duration of the expressed warranty.



For customers of Tsurumi Australia it is necessary to understand how to make a warranty claim on any Tsurumi product.


  1. Create a fast and effective way to deal with customers’ requirements and provide the goods at the earliest convenience.
  2. Ensure Tsurumi obtains the full details to make a fair judgment of a warranty claim.
  3. Minimize the emails and time wasted requesting further information.

Customer Warranty Claim Steps

  1. Please review all aspects of installation prior to proceeding with a warranty claim to ensure the product has been used in the correct application.
  2. Obtain the form TAF-B02-Warranty Claim Survey Report from Tsurumi Australia through Internal Sales, sales@tsurumipumps.com.au. Tsurumi will not take any action prior to this form being completed.
  3. Complete the form TAF-B02-Warranty Claim Survey Report.
    • Please make sure to provide all the requested information
  4. If warranty claim is urgent, please provide a Purchase Order to Internal Sales that is SUBJECT TO WARRANTY so Tsurumi Australia can provide the goods quickly. This can be issued when completing step 5.
    • If claim is rejected, Customer is required to pay for the Goods and freight
    • This step is important to get the goods out of stock and traceable as soon as possible
    • This will allow the consumer to operate while the claim is being reviewed
  5. Submit the form & photos via email to Internal Sales, sales@tsurumipumps.com.au.
  6. Once form & photos are received, Tsurumi will determine if warranty is acceptable or not.
    • If customer doesn’t agree with the warranty feedback on pumps/parts, the customer can freight the goods back to Tsurumi  for further review at the cost of the customer.
  7. If warranty claim has been approved, Tsurumi will supply the parts/pumps and credit the transport cost.
  8. Complete document TAF-B03-Return or Replacement Authorization Form and submit to Internal Sales, sales@tsurumipumps.com.au.

Tsurumi Australia Warranty Claim Steps

  1. Once completed form & photos are received, Tsurumi will review the information and determine if warranty is acceptable.
  2. We will provide feedback to the customer, stating if warranty is accepted or declined. Tsurumi may request the pump/parts be freighted to the head office or another address for inspection/testing/etc.
  3. For approved warranty claim, we will supply the parts/pump as soon as possible.
  4. Provide customer with form TAF-B03-Return or Replacement Authorization Form.
  5. Upon receiving completed form, the form will be processed and the customer will be credited transport cost.


  • We can understand all data in TAF-B02-Warranty Claim Survey Report sheet may not be available, however if this is the case please provide as much information as possible along with photo evidence of the claim. If all data is not received, warranty maybe declined without a full review.
  • If a third-party assessment report is required, the customer claiming warranty is to pay for this.

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