Underground Nickel Mine Case Study

Location: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Application: Underground Nickel Mining


The mining industry is possibly the toughest industry on pumping equipment. The extremely harsh conditions compile several hazards even the most reliable equipment can struggle with, such as:

These threats to a pump’s performance can end in expensive repairs or replacements and can affect the overall productivity of the mine.

Another concern is the mining mentality to have a standardised fleet.

This is where the same size pump is used for different applications around the mine to reduce the number of spares required.

However different application and locations around the mine changes the required performance and thus puts excessive strain on an undersized pump or inefficiently oversizes a pump for a job.

These are all challenges we came up against in an underground nickel mine just outside of Kalgoorlie Western Australia.

Existing pumps on site were on average breaking down every three months resulting in reduced productivity and unnecessary expense.

Tsurumi's Approach

Site Audit

An audit was necessary to gain an understanding of the mine site and its individual requirements.

Water Sample

Taking a water sample to see what exactly the equipment is pumping.

Pump Selection

Selecting the best pump taking into consideration the head pressure, required capacity, liquid properties.

Additional Protection & Maintenance

Sacrificial anodes and regular washing of the pumps to clear out the debris and remove calcium build up helps reduce corrosion.

Results & Benefits


As one of Australia’s core businesses the underground mining sector is on a steady increase and given how competitive mine dewatering is Tsurumi pumps are delivering great results into the industry.