U (Vortex Impeller)

Flow Rate: 17.5L/sec (1.05 m3/min)
Head Max: 23m

U Series 

The U-series is a 2-pole motor, compact type submersible pump equipped with a vortex impeller for pumping sewage and wastewater. The semi-vortex design provides a solids passage that is 70% or more* of the discharge bore, thus reducing troubles caused by the clogging of fibrous solids to a minimum. Rotation of the impeller produces vortex flow in the pump casing, which allows those solid matters to be pumped out with minimum contact to the impeller.
* excluding model 80U21.5

Discharge Bore(mm)40 – 80
Motor Output(kW)0.25 – 3.7



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Discharge Bore (mm)ModelMotor Output (kW)PhaseStarting MethodSolids Passage (mm)

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U (Vortex Impeller)

Flow Rate: 17.5L/sec (1.05 m3/min)
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