Flow Rate: 13.3L/sec (0.3m3/min)
Head Max: 18m

HS/HSZ Series

The HS-series is a submersible single-phase portable drainage pump and the HSZ-series is automatic. The automatic operation, controlled by a single float switch, reduces consumption and extends operating life. Though the HS & HSZ are a single-phase unit, the pumps have the durability equivalent to three-phase drainage pumps, since the wear parts are made of abrasion-resistant materials. The side discharge, spiral design allows smoother passage of the sucked solid matters. The shaft-mounted agitator prevents “Air Lock” that tends to take place on vortex or semi-vortex pumps.

Discharge Bore(mm)50 or 80
Motor Output(kW)0.4 or 0.75


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Discharge Bore (mm)ModelMotor Output (kW)PhaseStarting MethodSolids Passage (mm)
50HS2.4S 0.4SingleCapacitor Run7
50HS2.75S 0.75SingleCapacitor Run7
80HS3.75S 0.75SingleCapacitor Run7
50HSZ2.4S 0.4SingleCapacitor Run7
50HSZ2.75S 0.75SingleCapacitor Run7
80HSZ3.75S 0.75SingleCapacitor Run7

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