KRDX (Explosion-proof)

Flow Rate: 36.6L/sec (2.2m3/min)
Head Max: 17m

KRDX Series

The KRDX-series is a submersible three-phase heavy-duty explosion-proof slurry pump. It is equipped with a high-chromium cast iron agitator that assists the smooth suction of the settled material. Among other parts subject to wear, impellers and suction plates are made of high-chromium cast iron, with the pump casing and motor frame made of ductile cast iron, which provides excellent wear resistance for both types of parts.

IECEx and ATEX approved

Discharge Bore(mm)80 – 100
Motor Output(kW)3.7 – 7.5



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Discharge Bore (mm)ModelMotor Output (kW)PhaseStarting MethodSolids Passage (mm)

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