Flow Rate: 31.6L/sec (1.9m3/min)
Head Max: 45m

SF Series

The SF-series is a submersible high-head drainage pump designed for handling wastewater and liquid carrying ignorable size of solids. A semi-open, multi-vane impeller driven by a 2-pole motor enables the pump to work for pumping from a deep underground or to a distant place.

Discharge Bore(mm)50 – 80
Motor Output(kW)0.75 – 11


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Discharge Bore (mm)ModelMotor Output (kW)PhaseStarting MethodSolids Passage (mm)
5050SF2.750.75ThreeD.O.L.11 / 10
5050SF21.51.5ThreeD.O.L.11 / 10
8080SF25.55.5ThreeD.O.L.15 / 19
8080SF27.57.5ThreeD.O.L.19 / 21

Guide Rail Fitting model available.

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